Online – Nutritional Strategies To Maximise Recovery In BJJ Seminar

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Seminar Overview

This seminar will start by looking at the role of carbohydrates in recovery, before exploring whether the timing of protein really matters. It will then look at the impact of electrolytes on rehydration and whether there are any supplements which accelerate the recovery of exercise-induced muscle damage, following both training and competition.

Dr Shaun Chapman PhD, Performance Nutritionalist, Shapesmith Performance

Dr Shaun Chapman PhD

Dr Shaun Chapman is a Registered Nutritionist and partner of Shapesmith Performance. Having worked within professional football, with the NHS and as a Performance Nutrition lecturer, he began working for the British Army in 2017. He has remained there since and is currently their only Nutritionist. During this time, he completed his PhD, investigating the impact of protein supplementation on training adaptations in British Army recruits.